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10 - 12January

Stage B Freediving – Newcastle / Central Coast

10/01/2020 West Wallsend pool, Catherine Hill Bay, HMAS Adelaide $790.00 3 Qty Available
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01 - 02February

Stage A Freediving – Bondi, Sydney

01/02/2020 Dive Centre Bondi, Sydney $550.00 2 Qty Available
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16 - 17November

Stage A Freediving – Newcastle

16/11/2019 West Wallsend Pool, Edden Street / Nelson Bay $550.00 There are no spots available at this time.
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05 January

B4s “Surf Survival” – Newcastle

05/01/2020 West Wallsend Swim Centre, Edden Street, West Wallsend $250.00 8 Qty Available
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09 November

Surf Survival – Perth

09/11/2019 Bold Park Aquatic Centre, City Beach $250.00 This course has passed
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14 - 15December

Stage A Freediving – Bondi, Sydney

14/12/2019 Dive Centre Bondi, Sydney $550.00 Unlimited tickets
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