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Myself and the other Bondi Lifeguards were lucky enough to take an underwater survival training course with Erez and the team at Apnea Australia. We of all people know how dangerous the ocean can be so the skills we learnt will give us the confidence we need to handle just about any situation the ocean can throw at us. We can’t recommend Erez and his team highly enough. These guys really are the best of the best and we are grateful for their time and knowledge. 

Andrew Reid

Bondi Rescue


Freediving is any activity performed while breath-holding. Freediving is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, enjoying a tremendous amount of exposure across popular mediums including;  television, movies and TV commercials. And while over 200 competitions are held worldwide freediving is more than just a sport. It also includes  a wide array of different activities enjoyed underwater on a single breath. Including things such as; Underwater Hockey, Underwater Photography, Spearfishing, Skin-Diving and many more activities. Freediving was used to collect food since the time we have lived in caves.
You can read about the history of Freediving here. Freediving can be practiced in the pool, river, lake or in the open ocean. As this activity promotes a healthy lifestyle it attracts people from many fields. this activity focuses on correct breathing, relaxation, focus and mental control and as such can be used as a great complementary activity to other sports. Freediving is total freedom, it is the best way to explore the underwater world quietly and tranquilly without the need of cumbersome, noisy scuba gear. Imagine yourself  swimming with a huge Humpback whale in clear blue water or maybe exploring a sunken wreck? It can all be done FreeDiving. Although it sounds really simple (and it is), there is a lot to learn in order to practice freediving in a safe and efficient way. At Apnea International we have helped introduce thousands of people to the wonderful and mysterious world beneath the ocean and regardless of your foray, level of experience or fitness we can cater to your needs.


Apnea Australia runs Apnea International courses. AI is the leader in Freedive education and is globally recognised.

All courses are run in small groups (max. 4 students for the open water dives), to allow a personal and professional approach to the students.

Bigger groups will be divided according to skills in order to allow the student to trainer ratios remain small.

All basic and advance courses are internationally recognised and result in an international certification by Apnea International.

The more specialised courses – FRC, Performance training and specialties are developed with quality in mind.

Courses run around Australia with regular classes in Cairns, Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Bunbury and Sydney. We also run courses around the world in the most amazing dive locations, such as Hawaii, Tonga, Red Sea and Thailand.

For more info about courses please call 1300 550787

Ready to take things to the next level?

 Join one of our courses and experience it yourself

03 October

B4s “Surf Survival” – Perth

03/10/2020 Bold Park Aquatic Centre, 215 The Boulevard, City Beach $250.00 3 Qty Available
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17 - 18October

Stage A Freediving – Gold Coast

17/10/2020 $550.00 3 Qty Available
View Details
15 November

B4s “Surf Survival” – Northern beaches, Sydney

15/11/2020 1/539 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale (Sydney) NSW 2100, Australia $250.00 5 Qty Available
View Details
24 - 25October

Stage A Freediving – Northern beaches , Sydney

24/10/2020 1/539 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale (Sydney) NSW 2100, Australia $550.00 1 Qty Available
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21 - 22November

Stage A Freediving – Northern beaches , Sydney

21/11/2020 1/539 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale (Sydney) NSW 2100, Australia $550.00 4 Qty Available
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05 - 06December

Stage A Freediving – Northern beaches , Sydney

05/12/2020 1/539 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale (Sydney) NSW 2100, Australia $550.00 4 Qty Available
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