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Entry requirements:

Apnea International Stage C freediver or equivalent.

First Aid provider / CPR Provider

Age 21

Provide a medical certificate

The Instructor course takes 7 days and covers the following fields:

  • Methodology of running a theory and practical session
  • Ethics
  • Physiology
  • Technique
  • Error correction
  • Anatomy
  • Psychology
  • Goal setting
  • Breathing

You will need to bring your own gear – Mask, Snorkel, fins and wetsuit. The gear does not have to be freediving gear but it is recommended. A gear session will be conducted through the course to help you choose the right gear.

If you do not have gear – please notify your instructor before the course so that he could provide you with options.

Constant Weight: 40m’

Static: 04:00

Dynamic (fins): 100m’

Pass an Exam

Write an assignment and present it.

Pass water skills tests

Pass practical and theory exams

07 March

B4s “Surf Survival” – Sydney

07/03/2020 Dive Centre Bondi, Sydney $250.00 5 Qty Available
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29 February - 01 March

Stage A Freediving – Gold Coast

29/02/2020 $550.00 3 Qty Available
View Details
04 - 05April

Stage A Freediving – Bondi, Sydney

04/04/2020 Dive Centre Bondi, Sydney $550.00 6 Qty Available
View Details
18 April

B4s “Surf Survival” – Newcastle

18/04/2020 West Wallsend Swim Centre, Edden Street, West Wallsend $250.00 8 Qty Available
View Details
29 February - 01 March

Stage A Freediving – Bondi, Sydney

29/02/2020 Dive Centre Bondi, Sydney $550.00 There are no spots available at this time.
View Details
15 - 16February

Stage A Freediving – Newcastle

15/02/2020 West Wallsend Pool, Edden Street / Nelson Bay $550.00 4 Qty Available
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