Freedive with Humpbacks

In the warm, clear waters of Tonga

Annually, Between July and October, humpbacks take part in one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom, both on land and sea. During the Southern Hemisphere winter, the humpbacks leave their feeding grounds in Antarctica and start migrating north to the warm waters of Tonga; to mate, give birth and nurse their young. 

Ever since our first whale encounter in 2008 we have been on a continues journey of heart expansion and our mission is to share these whale moments with others and help increase awareness and understandings of the extraordinaire of whales and at the same time, their fragility. Throughout his thirty-year career as a professional Freediver and world record holder Erez, now focuses on Human-Whale encounters, conservation and breathing education. As an award-winning underwater photographer Erez, will help you maximise and refine your photography skills.


August 01-08 2023

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