FreeDive safety

FreeDiving is an extremely safe activity. If practiced correctly and with the supervision of an alert Buddy the risks ascociated with this activity are very minimal. It is important to remember that as an Extreme sport FreeDiving does limit the amount of time one has to respond in case of an emergency.

Please follow the safety rules and take an accredited FreeDiving course to maximise your safety and comfort.

Safety rules

  1. Never FreeDive alone - Always dive with an alert and capable buddy. Practice the "One up One down" strategy.
  2. Never Push your limits - Do not dive over your 80%
  3. Always use a float and flag
  4. Never Hyperventilate before diving - this increases the risk of a blackout
  5. Never FreeDive after scuba
  6. Equalise on descent, never on ascent
  7. Never exhale during a dive
  8. perform a correct recovery breathing (hook breaths) upon surfacing
  9. maintain sufficient recovery between dives
  10. Choose your gear wisely

You can also a safety video about the risks of Blackout and LMC below.