Rowley Shoals Trip

An oportunity of a lifetime

Apnea Australia will be running a couple of courses at the Rowlay Shoals on the 21st of October until the 27th.

This 6 day Liveaboard trip will take you to one of the world's premierre dive locations! 


The location:

The Rowley Shoals Marine Park and Mermaid Reef Commonwealth Marine Reserve protect a chain of three coral atolls at the edge of the continental shelf. The atolls haveshallow lagoons inhabited by diverse corals and abundant marine life. Each covers around 80 to 90 square kilometres and rises with near-vertical sides from very deep water. At low tide the water becomes ponded within the reef walls, and gushes over the edge like waterfalls. At high tide, the reefs disappear beneath the sea, with only the sandy islands of Clerke and Imperieuse visible.

The shoals offer suberb diving. The outside walls are alive with soft corals in every imaginable colour. Snorkelling in the shallow, coral filled lagoons, brimming with tropical fish species, is also very special.

The Boat:

Karma IV is a hugely spacious, fully air-conditioned 70ft Catamaran with a 33ft beam. It is powered by two Caterpillar 3116 diesel engines and can cruise at 12 knots.

It can sleep a maximum of 10 people over night and has 4 x showers and toilets. Other features include:

  • Full shade lower deck
  • Large upper sun deck
  • 2 x trampolines between the hulls, perfect for sleeping on or sunbathing
  • Fantastic sound system. Guests are welcome to bring their own music selection.
  • An onboard fresh water maker
  • Comprehensive RFD
  • Royal Flying Doctor Medical Kit
  • Satellite phone (costs apply)
  • A full range of snorkelling gear
  • Fishing rods and reels for all adventures, small and large.


there will be two instructors on the boat - Erez and Dave. 

The courses:

We offer you the opportunity to do a Freediving course at a discounted rate (AU$400) while on the trip.

The Stage A course is aimed at providing basic knowledge of the different Freediving categories, the important rules of behaviour and the safest way to perform Freediving while allowing the fastest improvement.. you can read more about the Stage A course here

The Apnea International stage B course will cover advanced breahting techniques, relaxation, the dive response, deep equalisation and more. Doing the course on the boat will provide countless hours of water time in crystal clear deep water. you can read more about the Stage B course here

This course is designed to improve the Freediver’s knowledge in the more advanced aspects of Freediving. During this course we discuss aspects of deep Freediving such as deep equalisation, packing, mouth-fill , exhale diving ( FRC) and variable weights. This course concentrates on the students “weak spots” and tries to fix them.. you can read more about the Stage C course here


As we will spend 5 ays on the water we will have plenty of time for spearfishing and underwater photography.

The cost:

Divers Watersports in Broom have come up with an amazing offer - The whole trip, including the course for AU$3100 only. This cost also includes the marine park fees.

There are only 10 spots available on the boat with 4 already taken. 

the first trip is now full.

To reserve your spot please visit our course calendar.


See you in the water,