If you feel at ease IN the water, around water, on the water and UNDER water, if you can instantly fully relax in the water and let the water carry you. You are a Freediver!

Alegra Ally

Our philosophy

Freediving for us is about enjoyment, relaxation and acceptance of all marine life. It's a place where you can feel oneness with the ocean and with yourself.
Freediving is a healthy lifestyle that everyone can embrace.

Our evolution

Apnea Australia is Australia's leading Freediving school, devoted to the safe practice of breath-hold diving in its various forms.
Apnea Australia was established by Erez Beatus - former world record holder for the CNF discipline.
Apnea Australia is the fastest growing school in Australia and has the largest amount of certifications around the country. It also has the most professional instructors due to the high standards it maintains. 

About Erezerez1

"My greatest passion has always been the water. I've dedicated my life to exploring new ways of being in water and sharing my knowledge with others including swimming, diving, fishing, underwater hockey, meditation and aquatic therapies. I started Freediving when I was 8 years old while spearfishing with my brother... and began holding my breath for fun since I was 4. I constantly teach and explore new waters around the globe."

Erez is a certified Hydrotherapist (rehabilitation in water), Healing Dance Instructor and Therapist working with individuals in the water in various techniques (Watsu, Water Dance, Healing Dance). He practices Reiki and healing. He is also a passionate photographer above and below the surface.

  • Erez has been the President of FDI and the Vice President of AIDA. He has taught thousands of students in Australia and around the world.
  • Erez has been involved in Freediving at a professional level since 1997.
  • Erez has trained with the biggest names in the Freedive world.
  • 1997 - Training with Pipin and being certified as an IAFD Instructor in his school.
  • 1998 - Establishes FDI and the Israeli Freediving team.
  • 1998 - Training with Umberto Pelizzari in Italy and being certified as an Apnea Academy Instructor.
  • 2001 - Training with Trevor Hutton and breaking the world record in CNF.
  • 2002-2005 - Training In Egypt with Lotta Ericson, Bill Stromberg and other world class athletes. Certified as an AIDA Instructor.
  • Erez is an international judge, having adjudicated at over 20 competitions.
  • Erez has competed for Israel and captained the Israeli Freediving Team at six international championships.
  • Erez has held all the Israeli national records.  

About Allyally1

Ally has been exploring the world for many years. She is a Documentary photographer and Filmmaker and is currently working on a project that takes her to the most remote tribes in the world. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and has won awards in photography competitions. Ally is a Fellow member of the ExplorersClub and is an avid conservationist. 

Ally is a Scuba Instructor and a Freediver.  She is responsible for business development and marketing.