Samson McAdam

As I braced myself in the bow of my Grandfather’s dingy, salt spray dripped from my 7 year old chin. We cleared the surf and the beach receded into the distance. This was to feel truly alive! Growing up in Fremantle; the Indian Ocean, Rottnest Island and the Swan River have always felt like home. School holidays were a chance to hand-spear a meal or snatch a crab.

Scuba diving came next and the pursuit of a career. I spent time in the Army and then obtained a Post Graduate Degree in Ecologically Sustainable Development.

Six years ago I started Freediving. Progressively Freediving became a way of life. Never had life been so vibrant and satisfying.

I wanted to share this with others. Teaching people to Freedive is rewarding beyond measure.

My specific areas of interest include;

  • Meditation / Yoga.
  • Underwater videography.
  • Freediving as a stress management tool for military veterans.
  • Whale Encounter Expeditions.
  • Sustainable spearfishing.
  • Freediving product development and manufacture.

To be of maximum service to students, I’m studying to qualify as an Expedition Paramedic.

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