Quinn Smith

I have always had something to do with water whether it be surfing, spearfishing or freediving. Life without the water for me wouldn’t be much of a life at all.
I started surfing and spearfishing on the mid north coast of NSW from a young age and spent just about everyday at the beach up until the age of 22 where I made the move to north Queensland to work in a spearfishing, freediving and scuba diving shop called Diversworld.
I have been a very keen spearo from the age of 14 and since making the move to north Queensland I have gained allot of knowledge and experience from the many spearo’s I have dived with. I also picked up a spearfishing sponsorship along the way.
Since meeting Erez three years ago, Bjorn and myself got the bug for freediving. Ever since then we have trained in Static, Dynamic and Depth.
I competed in the first Australian pool and depth competition in Cairns and managed to bag second place.
After doing the stages A, B and C courses with Erez I have continued on to the next level and become Freediving instructor. For me my main goal becoming an instructor is to educate people on how to Freedive and Spearfish as safe as possible without loosing the fun aspect. If i can save one person’s life in my whole teaching career then it will be all worth it.

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