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Erez Beatus

“My greatest passion has always been the water. I’ve dedicated my life to exploring new ways of being in water and sharing my knowledge with others including swimming, diving, fishing, underwater hockey, meditation and aquatic therapies.

I started Freediving when I was 8 years old while spearfishing with my brother… and began holding my breath for fun since I was 4. I’m currently based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and continue to teach and explore new waters around the globe.”

World Champion Freediver Erez Beatus established Apnea Australia in order to expand this growing sport throughout Australia.

Erez’s accomplishments include:
Founder of Apnea Internationl (AI).

  • Established the Israeli Freediving team in 1998, coached and captained the team in four world championships.
  • In 2001 held the CNF (constant weights without fins) world record along with Trevor Hutton from South Africa.
  • Certified Freediving Instructor (AI / A.I.D.A / F.D.I / APNEA ACADEMY)
  • Vice president for A.I.D.A in 2006.
  • Certified international judge for competitions and record attempts (national and world records).
  • Taught over 2000 students globally.
  • Certified Hydrotherapist (rehabilitation in water). Healingdance Instructor and Therapist working with individuals in the water in various techniques (watsu, waterdance, healingdance).
  • Award winning underwater photographer

Upcoming Courses

Start Date Name Details Location Price Status
05/10/2024 - 13/10/2024
08:00 - 16:00

Stage B Freediver (4 days) – Newcastle / Port Stephens

Nelson Bay $980.00 6 Qty Available
Nelson Bay $980.00 6 Qty Available
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