Bjorn Nielsen

Bjorn Nielsen Has been holding his breath for longer than he can remember starting out with getting his father to count how long he could hold his breath for in the bath.

From that point until now he has never really left the water. Since 2000 Bjorn has been actively breath hold diving all over Australia from the coast of western Australia, to Victoria and Queensland. He began dedicating his time to Freediving 3 years ago and has devoted most of his time to training and promoting the sport of Freediving throughout Australia ever since.

Bjorn Has Dived around the World with recent trips to the Blue Hole in Dahab Egypt and the Mediterranean sea off the Island of Crete.


Accomplishments include:

  • National Record in UFC
  • AIDA international Level Judge
  • AIDA Australia Technical Officer
  • Sits on the AIDA Australia Board
  • Co-organised Australia’s first National Depth Championships
  • Bachelor Of Science (Aquatic Science)
  • Certified Apnea Australia Instructor
  • Founder of 1 Breath Freediving

The water has always been my refuge. When I’m in the water nothing else matters, its the perfect mixture of excitement and calm. My aim is to help others experience what Freediving can give which no other sport can. Freediving has become much more than a sport, its become a way of life.

“I currently reside in Cairns North Queensland and teach courses in the calm, cool waters of the tablelands Crater lakes or the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier reef.”

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