Alexey Vlaskin

“Water was always my passion. I stated enjoying it being a sailor. Initially in Russia, then studied and sailed in Greece and France, then went to Sydney. After doing a season of Twilight Races with CYCA I suddenly realised that being on top of the water is not that much fun and I really would like to explore the hidden secrets of underwater world.
Freediving is like hiking around National park, but with the ability to fly as your buoyancy becomes your gravity and you can fly freely enjoying untouched beautiful and fascinating world that is hidden from most of the people. Only thing you need to do is to unlock your mind(with training and courses) and believe that you can dive to 20m and deeper without any extra equipment.
You can guess that my favorite movies are Deep Blue, Deep Sea Challenger and Avantyuristy.
Hope to share with you your new experience!”
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