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Samson McAdam Instructor
05/07/2019 18:00
07/07/2019 17:00
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Stage A – Perth – Samson


The Stage A course is aimed at providing basic knowledge of the different Freediving categories, the important rules of behaviour and the safest way to perform Freediving while allowing the fastest improvement.

– Minimum Age: 16 (13 with Parental consent)

– Open Water Training: 4 sessions

– Pool Training : Static Session + Dynamic Session

– Course results in an international certification from Apnea International


You will need to bring your own equipment or hire a full set of Freediving specialist gear for $45. Mask, snorkel, open cell wetsuit, long fins, socks, rubber weight belt and weights. Scuba diving and surfing gear won’t keep you warm and slow down learning.

A gear session will be conducted through the course to help you choose the right gear.

If you do not have gear,  please notify your instructor before the course so that he can provide you with options.

To do this course you must be comfortable in the water and healthy.

Please download a Medical Declaration HERE to make sure you are fit to do the course.

Availability: 4 in stock

Pay a deposit of $85.00 per item

Availability: 4 in stock

Pay a deposit of $85.00 per item


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18:00-21:00. Classroom Welshpool : Breathing techniques, physiology & dry apnea.


08:00-12:00. Classroom Welshpool : Freediving technique, psychology, gear & safety.

13:15-18:15. Pool Training. Bayswater Waves : Static apnea, dynamic apnea, biomechanics & rescues.


08:00-17:00. Open Water Training. Mosman Park : Free immersion, depth Freediving, rescues, equalisation techniques.

(Please Note : Course dates, schedule, locations and diving depths may vary; subject to safety considerations, weather conditions, or at the Instructor’s discretion)

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