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Mark Hughes B4s Instructor
13/02/2021 09:00
13/02/2021 13:30
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B4s “Surf Survival for Kids” – Perth


KIDS Breath-hold for Confidence – 4-Hour Course

Adapted from our successful B4S Surf Survival Course, this course is tailored specifically for kids (8 -13 years). While many of the techniques are the same, the goal is more about building confidence in the water generally as well as training to help deal with the ‘urge to breath’ in high stress, high metabolism situations.

This course is suited to ages 8 – 13 (with parental consent) all abilities and levels of confidence – male and female. We tailor aspects of the day to accommodate different levels of ability and numbers are limited to a maximum of 6 per course.

Designed for kids that love the water and ocean and who wants to build their confidence in a variety of situations, not just surfing or other ocean sports.

Following the process developed by Apnea International, we take you through a number of class-room and pool exercises and education, which covers the physiological, mental and physical aspects of the body and mind in these situations. All of the exercises and training is done on an ‘exhale’ breath with little or no time for recovery; suitably mimicking real-life situations.

The video is from the ‘adult’ course, designed specifically for surfers, but it will give you an idea of the type of things we cover:

What the course covers

  • Physiology understanding the mind-body relationship
  • Preparation and exercises before entering the water
  • Demonstrable exercises to illustrate O2 levels and ability to hold the breath for longer
  • Mental preparation and breathing techniques
  • Recovery breathing
  • Relaxation techniques – calming the mind and the body
  • Exhale breath-hold techniques
  • Visualisation
  • Static & dynamic drills – both wet and dry
  • On-going training exercises

Course Details & Inclusions

  • Pre-course on-line educational component
  • 4-hour course: approx. 1.5 hours class-room based (break) and 2.5 hours pool-based
  • Certification and registration with Apnea International
  • Course notes and training cards

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09:00-11:00 Theory / Exercises

11:00-13:30 Pool Sessions

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