Meet your instructors

Head instructor

Erez Beatus

World record holder and instructor trainer Erez Beatus established APNEA Australia in order to expand this growing sport throughout Australia.
Erez is the head of education for Apnea International, Award winning underwater photographer and public speaker.

The doers

Our Team

Ant Judge
Ant JudgeInstructor - QLD
Bjorn Nielsen
Bjorn NielsenInstructor - Cairns
David D'vorak
David D'vorakInstructor - Bunbury
Bjorn Nielsen
Bjorn NielsenInstructor - Cairns
Quinn Smith
Quinn SmithInstructor - Cairns
Simon Trippe
Simon TrippeInstructor - Sydney
Andrew Harvey
Andrew HarveyInstructor- Sydney
Brent Quilliam
Brent QuilliamInstructor - Adelaide
Jack Hatfield
Jack HatfieldInstructor - Sydney
Lewis Jones
Lewis JonesInstructor Trainer - Brisbane
Royce Surman
Royce SurmanInstructor - Perth
Mark Hughs
Mark HughsB4s Instructor - Perth
Alexey Vlaskin
Alexey VlaskinInstructor- Sydney
Brock Tilley
Brock TilleyInstructor - Townsville
Jodie Murphy
Jodie MurphyInstructor - Brisbane
Manuel Dos santos
Manuel Dos santosInstructor - Sydney
Samson McAdam
Samson McAdamInstructor - Perth
Gavin Phillips
Gavin PhillipsInstructor - Gold Coast
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