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Deciding whether to do a FreeDiving course or which course to choose can sometimes be confusing. Below you will find answers to the most common questions we encounter.
Do I need to be Scuba diver to FreeDive?
Not at all! Freediving has no prerequisites other than being healthy and having basic fitness. FreedDiving is a great way to maintain fitness, live a healthy lifestyle while exploring the amazing underwater world.
I have been Freediving to 25m. Can I skip the stage A and do the Stage B straight away?
I watched the movie "The big Blue". Will we Freedive by using a weight on the course? It looks scary
I have seen many different courses that are offered. Why should I choose Apnea Australia?
I have been Spearfishing for the past 10 years - why should I do a course?
The short answer is- YES. Even if you have had a lot of experience as a spearfisherman, it does not mean you have all the tools needed in order to do it safely. Spearfishermen are first and foremost Freedivers. The stage A course introduces the student to the safety rules, the differences between the different forms of Freediving, Breathing techniques, preparation, recovery and more. These tools will enable you to dive deeper, for longer and be more comfortable underwater.
What kind of certificate will I get at the end of the course?
I want to become an instructor! What is the process and what are the options once I am certified?
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