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About the course

  • Prerequisite certifications: Apnea International Stage B (or equivalent), Current CPR and First Aid
  • Prerequisite performance: STA- 03:30, DYN- 50m, CW- 30m
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Pool sessions: 2
  • Open water sessions: 6
  • course results in an international accreditation by Apnea International

This course is designed to improve the Freediver’s knowledge in the more advanced aspects of Freediving. During this course we discuss aspects of deep Freediving such as deep equalisation, packing, mouth-fill , exhale diving ( FRC) and variable weights. This course concentrates on the students “weak spots” and tries to fix them. We discuss mental management systems and advanced breathing techniques.

The dives will be videoed so that we can analyse them on land for further improvement.

The subjects covered on this course:

  • Advanced equalising techniques.
  • Advanced breathing techniques.
  • Physiology of deep Freediving.
  • The principals of FRC diving.
  • Mental management systems for Freediving – defining goals and structures for the dives.
  • Physiology – Paradoxes in Freediving.
  • Nutrition for high performance.
  • Deeper view of Freediving emergencies and the proper response.
  • Timing, pace and rhythm in Freediving.



Each Student is required to have their own gear which include: Mask, Snorkel, Fins (Long blades not required), wetsuit and weight belt.

We may be able to provide some gear for the course so please discuss this with the instructor.

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