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About the course

  • Minimum age: 16.
  • Have completed an Apnea International Stage A course (or equivalent)
  • Open water dives: 4
  • Pool sessions: 2
  • course results in an international accreditation by Apnea International

The Stage B course is designed to give the Freedivers further knowledge of the aspects of Freediving. During this course, students will be exposed to the physiology of the human body and how it changes during immersion. Students will learn techniques to improve their relaxation during dives and training. This will enable them to Freedive and train in a safe and proper way. We will get familiarised with the different Freediving organisations and the key personalities of the sport.

The subjects covered on this course:

  • Physics of Freediving .
  • Physiology of Freediving.
  • Mammalian Diving Reflex.
  • Physiology of Freediving – black out.
  • Training for Static apnea.
  • Training tables, dry static training.
  • Training for Dynamic apnea.
  • Equalisation techniques.
  • Buoyancy Issues for Deeper Freediving
  • Safety Equipment for Deeper Freediving.
  • Psychology of Freediving.
  • Fitness training for Freediving.
  • Breathing exercises – Pranayama.
  • Relaxation techniques for Freediving.
  • Planning an open water dive session.

The Training sessions include Static breath-hold tables and Deep water sessions.

  • The emphasis is on energy efficient movement in the water.
  • We will try to find the best individual technique that will result in the best improvement.

It is important to understand that with proper training and knowledge a Freediver will improve the depth as well as the dive time.

Course hours:

First day-

  • Start around 09:00. Theory until 12:30.
  • Static and dynamic training until 16:00.
  • Theory to 17:00-17:30.

Second day-

  • Meet for theory / go for a dive – depending on sea conditions and boat.
  • We need 3 hours of theory + time for 2 dives (each dive – 1 hour).
  • Theory until around 16:00-17:00.

Third day-

  • Meet for theory / go for a dive – depending on sea conditions and boat.
  • We need 3 hours of theory + time for 2 dives (each dive – 1 hour).
  • Finish course around 16:00-17:00.
  • This schedule is only for general knowledge. Times may change according to sea conditions and the will of the group.



Each Student is required to have their own gear which include: Mask, Snorkel, Fins (Long blades not required), wetsuit and weight belt.

We may be able to provide some gear for the course so please discuss this with the instructor.

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