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Make a living from the sport you love!

Apnea Australia is now recruiting new Instructors to work around the country and in various locations around the Pacific.

We can offer you part-time or full-time work as soon as you finish your Instructor course!

The Instructor course is our highest level of training. The course is aimed to take everything you have learned on our courses, use all of your experience as a Freediver, and add a set of teaching skills to it.

The Instructor course takes 7 days and covers the following subjects:

  • Methodology of running a theory and practical session
  • Ethics
  • Physiology
  • Technique
  • Error correction
  • Anatomy
  • Psychology
  • Goal setting
  • Breathing

The course consists of theoretical and practical components including lectures, pool sessions and ocean simulations.

At the end of the course you will be certified to teach the Apnea Australia Stage A course.

Once you certify 25 students and co-teach a Stage B course you will be able to teach the Stage B course.

Entry requirements:

  • Apnea Australia Stage C Freediver or equivalent.
  • Age 21.
  • Be in good health and above average swimmer.

Certification requirements:

  • Constant Weight: 40m'
  • Static: 04:00
  • Dynamic (fins): 100m'
  • Pass an Exam.
  • Write an assignment and present it.
  • Pass water skills tests.
  • Pass practical and theory exams.



Each Student is required to have their own gear which include: Mask, Snorkel, Fins (Long blades not required), wetsuit and weight belt.

We may be able to provide some gear for the course so please discuss this with the instructor.

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