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Our workshops are delivered by a team of extremely qualified instructors led by the founder of Apnea Australia - Erez Beatus It is easy to find companies which offer team building activities and public speaking options to companies. We try to offer an event which will trigger discussion, provide practical tools to be used after the experience and improve the participant's wellbeing. We have worked with different types of people - from sporting clubs who wish to engage their team and build a strong companionship, through companies who wish to expand the horizons of their staff to community centres. We offer tailored solutions to fit your requirements.


We will be happy to discuss customised events to suit your needs.


In a world where there are so many challenges and hurdles to jump through on the way to success it is easy to give up and say "Its impossible to do it..".


Our team building options will help build a strong team spirit, will grow confidence, improve focus and help with setting goals. Our activities combine theory with practical experience in the pool / ocean.


Our Breath training for high performance workshops help Australia's top sporting teams boost performance, team spirit and motivation. Workshops combine a theoretical component with cutting edge training.


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We deliver workshops and talks which challenge the audience to make a real change in their life. 

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