Skin Diver

Swim with the fish!!

Imagine swimming along with the fish, completely free to explore the beautiful water-world. Dolphins and other aquatic inhabitants come closer to take a peek and say hello.

“But it’s just snorkeling!! Why do I need a course??”

Just like learning to surf, it is possible to do it on your own, but learning from an instructor will make the experience a lot more pleasant, not mentioning the time saving and the much faster improvement.

The Apnea Australia Skin-diver course aims to take you to a new level of water skills, such as the sign language, the buddy system, choosing your equipment, and proper breathing.

The class is intended for all ages (from 8-80) and does not require you to be an accomplished swimmer or diver!! Even those that never experienced snorkeling before can attend this class!! Basic swimming skills are required.

Subjects covered on this course:
  • What is Skin diving.
  • Equipment for Skin diving – introduction to the basic equipment – mask, snorkel, fins, weight-belt, wetsuit
  • Proper breathing. Static breath-hold training demo.
  • Equalisation – the need to equalise and basic equalisation techniques.
  • Safety for Skin diving – The buddy system, basic rules of behaviour.

The course results in an international certificate and a one year membership in Apnea Australia club that provides discounts for continued education courses and freedive products.

To enroll please contact us

or call: 0406 624528


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