Join us on a FreeDive camp on the Big Island of Hawaii !

7 days of Freedive training, Breathing workshops, dolphin swims, manta rays, Volcanos and more.

Apnea australia is expanding its trips and now offers trips to Hawaii and Tonga. The big island of Hawaii has some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet- with clear deep water, volcanos, cliffs, lava tubes, steady climate and awesome culture. For surfers - The big island offers some world class breaks.

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What you could expect to have on the trip:


  • Water Temp - 24-26 degrees
  • Air temp - 23-28 degrees
  • Water clarity - between 15-45m
  • Depth - 90m inside the bay. Depths of 50m and beyond require 5-8 minute swims.


Floats provided - Yes (2)

Freedivers on the line - 3

Other attractions:

Dolphins - Kealakekua Bay is home to a pod of Dolphins. We will have the opportunity to swim and Freedive with them on a daily basis.

Manta rays - We will join a night dive to swim with the great Manta Rays - unforgettable experience! (Extra cost)

Volcanoes - There are two volcanoes on the Big Island. We will aim to drive up and explore them.

Nature - Hawaii is one of the most amazing places on the planet! 


We will rent a house for the duration of the camp so that everyone can stay together. We will also rent a couple of cars to commute between the various locations.

We will also pick you up from the Airport. 

Camp duration:

Camps are usually 7 days long. You can choose to join two trips.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Freediver, the camp will allow you to improve your skills, learn new techniques (equalization, kicking, FRC...), hang out with other Freedivers and absorb the Hawaiian vibe.

Group Size:

We limit the groups to a max' of 8 people to keep the numbers on the line to 4.


AU$2100 per person

Costs includes:

  • Accommodation - We rent a house that will fit the whole group. The cost is divided by the whole group.
  • Rental Car - We rent two cars: big van and a small car. Fuel cost are included in the cost unless the group decides to drive around the island.
  • Food - We will purchase food together on the first day and prepare it ourselves. 
  • Freediving - We will have daily training sessions on the line.
  • Dolphin swims - We aim to swim with the dolphins every morning but it depends on the dolphins...(See video here)
  • Manta ray swim - We will go out on a boat for a night swim with the Manta rays! It’s an amazing experience (See video here)
  • Wild animal boat trip - We will go out on a fast boat to try and find big animals such as pilot whales, whale sharks or even possibly Orcas.
  • Volcano tour - We will spend one day driving around the island to see the volcano! Amazing day out.

 Not Included:

  • Flights - As we don't all arrive from the same place you will have to arrive in Kona by the decided date. There are very good deals through Jetstar (for Australians) and other airlines. 
  • We recommend monitoring sites like / for deals. Otherwise the flights are around 1500$ return.
  • Travel insurance - You MUST hold a travel insurance.
  • Restaurants - Depending on the group, we eat out around every 2nd day
  • USA Visa Costs - depending on your nationality you will need to apply for a visa. Please check for detailed information

 Limited spots available - Book you trip now