Frequently asked questions

Deciding whether to do a FreeDiving course or which course to choose can sometimes be confusing. Below you will find answers to the most common questions we encounter.

Do I need to be Scuba diver to FreeDive?

Not at all! Freediving has no prerequisites other than being healthy and having basic fitness. FreedDiving is a great way to maintain fitness, live a healthy lifestyle while exploring the amazing underwater world.

I have been Freediving to 25m. Can I skip the stage A and do the Stage B straight away?

Unfortunately- No. Depth is not the only factor in Freediving and definitly not the only reason to do a course. The Stage A course is very comprehensive and teaches you the "language" of Freediving. Skills learned on the stage A course can then be used to dive deeper after the course. Another reason we dont dive deeper than 20m on the stage A is that there is no need to dive deep in order to learn the technique. There is no difference between a 15m dive and a 25m dive in terns of technique. The only difference is the time it takes you to get there. The side-effect is that recovery becomes longer (the reasons for this are covered on the course) and as a result, the instructor can only spot you on fewer dives.

I watched the movie "The big Blue". Will we Freedive by using a weight on the course? It looks scary

The movie "The big Blue" is an inspirational film. The style of Freediving that is shown on the film is called "No-Limits" and is an advanced technique. We concentrate on three different disciplines on the course: Static apnea, Dynamic Apnea and Fixed weights. You can read about those disciplines on the Disciplines page.

I have seen many different courses that are offered. Why should I choose Apnea Australia?

You are right to question and to look at all the options. Most Freediving courses will cover the basics of FreeDiving. However, not all courses are the same! it is not only about the book you get (you will receive a book on most courses) but mainly about how much your instructor can help you. Freediving is an art and tiny adjustments in body posture result in huge changes in efficiency. Your instructor should be able to spot those issues and others. Apnea Australia is Australia's leading school. It operates around the country under the strictest standards and prides itself as having the most varried courses. Our courses are run by experienced Freediving instructors under the direct supervision of Erez Beatus (Erez Beatus has taught well over 1500 students and teaches since 1998 world-wide). Erez has held a world record and many national records in the sport. You can read his bio here Apnea Australia courses are very comprehensive – as we have many years of experience in the field, our courses are designed for the Australian conditions and as such- result in the best improvement. Once you complete the course – you will be able to join a group of freedivers that regularly train around the country and further increase your abilities. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need. The more you know – the easier your choice will be.

I have been Spearfishing for the past 10 years - why should I do a course?

The short answer is- YES. Even if you have had a lot of experience as a spearfisherman, it does not mean you have all the tools needed in order to do it safely. Spearfishermen are first and foremost Freedivers. The stage A course introduces the student to the safety rules, the differences between the different forms of Freediving, Breathing techniques, preparation, recovery and more. These tools will enable you to dive deeper, for longer and be more comfortable underwater.

What kind of certificate will I get at the end of the course?

Apnea Australia certification is internationally recognised. As one of the world's leading schools we are equivalent to the AIDA courses and are accepted by all major schools.

I want to become an instructor! What is the process and what are the options once I am certified?

Becoming an instructor is the ultimate way of really understanding Freediving.

It opens up a door to self exploration, work opportunities, travel, social connections and more. In order to become an Apnea Australia FreeDiving instructor you will need to complete the following:

Stage A- 2.5 days

Stage B- 2.5 days

Stage C- 3.5 days

Instructor course - 7 days

The time frame for completion of this path depends mainly on the candidate. There is no experience requirement to go from the Stage A to the stage B. The Stage C is for Experienced FreeDivers that dive beyond 30m and wish to deepen their skillset and overcome barriers.

One you have completed the Stage C and believe you are ready to begin the instructor course you will be given all the support and will be followed until you have reached your goal. Work options: Apnea Australia is constantly looking for passionate instructors. We can offer weekly courses and mid-week employment in other fields to supplement your hours.

Apnea Australia will promote you as an instructor and will be able to offer you the option of running training sessions, workshops and even overseas training expeditions! If you are serious about teaching - please contact us today.