Spearfishing Workshop A

Spearfishing Workshop (A) 

The Spearfishing Workshop (A) is designed to give participants a
basic knowledge of the aspects of spearfishing.

During this course we discuss the basic aspects of, and techniques for,
breath hold in spearfishing. This workshop concentrates on skilling participants to enable them to spearfish effectively and train in a safe and proper way. The course content focuses on understanding the ethics of, and code of conduct required for, responsible spearfishing.

The instructors overview the development of the sport from its beginnings, and the different types of spearfishing that is available – rock hopping and white water spearfishing; boat diving, sand line/weed edge hunting, boulder and cave diving, open (blue) water fishing and competition spearfishing.

At the end of the course individual participants will have undertaken sessions in the following:

  • Theory and knowledge of spearfishing;
  • Safety rules and procedures of rescuing;
  • Dive and training plans;
  • Diving and equalising techniques;
  • Solving expected/unexpected problems; and
  • Avoiding/minimising the risk of injuries.

Spearfishing Workshop (A): Agenda Overview

  • 2 - 4 theory sessions (2 - 4hours a day)
  • 2 open water dives
  • 1 static session (wet)
  • Max students per instructor: Theory (8), Practical (4)

Enrolment Requirements:

To enrol in Workshop (A) individuals must be:

  • 18 years and over (or 13+ with a written letter of approval from parents)
  • Able to swim and sustain themselves in the water (with and without fins)
  • Healthy

Day 1 Outline

Theory Session 1:

  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • Physiology
  • Breathing
Theory Session 2:
  • Spearfishing Equipment
  • Fish and Threatened species ID
  • History of the sport in Australia
  • Hunting Skills
Practical Session 1:
  • Static Apnea
  • Vertical Equalisation

Day 2 Outline – (Everyone to Meet at the Dive Venue)

Theory Session 3:
  • Review Day 1
  • Discuss Dive Plan developed from first Practical Session
Practical Session 2:
  • Dive the line – working on equalisation, duck dive, streamlining, improving depth, and finning technique
  • Safety – emergency responses
Theory Session 4:
  • Discuss Dive Plan for second Practical Session
Practical Session 3:
  • Diving with a speargun
  • Hunting techniques on selected fish
  • Catch Dinner
Theory Session 5:
  • Discuss the events over the two days
  • Draw up a breath hold training programme for the individual

Contact ASA

Simon Trippe: 0439818409

Andrew Harvey: 0409242114


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