Below, you will find 10 basic rules to keep you safe. These rules are designed to help you dive better while maintaining a high level of safety.

I must state that even while following those rules things can happen, and that there is no substitute to propper education.



safetyrules1 .Never Freedive alone! Partner in the water.

[icon class="bulb"]So many things can happen...[/icon]

2 .Never Freedive after scuba. (12 hours)

  • Decompression / silent bubbles

3 .Do not hyperventilate before Freediving!

  • High risk of Shallow water blackout !!!

4. Never exhale during a Freedive!

  • Risk of blackou

5. Correct breathing after surfacing.

  • The no' 1 reason for LMC (samba)

6 .Choose your equipment wisely!

7. Equalize o the way down – never on the way up. Never use ear plugs. Never dive sick.

  • Rule of thumb: If you feel pain - you went too far !!

8. Move slowly! Quick movements use more O2 and are usually less efficient.

  • faster is not allways better...

9. Always use a buoy during practice (fishing is considered practice)

  • So that boats / other divers can spot you.
  • So that you can use it as support in case of trouble

10. Never push it!!!  Don’t dive over your 80%.

  • No fish is big enough to die for !!!!!!