The Disciplines

Fixed weights:

The Freediver is not allowed to remove his weights on the way up.

This category is devided into 3 disciplines:


1. Equipment assisted (CW)- The freediver Descends and ascends using fins/ monofin. 2. Free imerssion (FIM)- The freediver uses his arms to pull along the line. No fins are used. 3. Constent no fins (CNF) - The freediver swims without the aid of any propulsion device or the rope.

Variable weights

The freediver uses a weighted sled in order to descend.

The freediver leaves the weights at the bottom and ascende by one of these tchniques:

No Limits


1. No limits - the freediver uses a lift bag in order to ascend

2. Variable weights - the freedier pulls himself along the line / fins up.

Static Apnea

The freediver holds his breath in a pool. The objective is to hold the breath for as long as possible.

Dynamic Apnea




The freediver swims in a pool, using fins / monofin / his hands and legs to cover the longes distance.