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Julian Boland

My affinity with the ocean began as far back as I can remember, from mucking around in the surf as a kid, boating with the old man, surfing and throwing out a line. It wasn’t long before I put on a mask and snorkel to jump over the side of the boat to see what was going on underneath the surface.


I took up scuba diving and I guess it was at this point where I got a true perspective of the underwater world and was really hooked. It just wasn’t enough. I wanted more of a challenge, so I ditched the tanks and so began my new life as a freediver and haven’t looked back since.


Freediving and Spearfishing for me is more than just a hobby, it is a way of life. When I’m not in the water, I’m thinking about it, looking at weather forecasts and planning the next adventure.


It is this passion that I want to share with others.