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Australia's leading freediving school

Established in 2010 by former world record holder and Apnea International instructor trainer Erez Beatus, Apnea Australia is Australia's leading freediving school. With more than 16 instructors in all major cities, we offer quality freedive education for all levels of training.

Quality Education

Apnea International is a fast growing education agency which focuses on promoting safe freediving while promoting the recreational aspect of apnea.

Building a Community

Once you complete your course with Apnea Australia, you will have the full support of the school in finding a training group.

Quality guaranteed

We are so sure of the quality of our courses we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our courses. Read more about what our students say.

Make your passion a rewarding career

Take your skill to the next level We offer Apnea International approved instructor courses which will allow you to run courses in Australia and around the world.

Loved It

I want to thank you for making the Apnea Australia's Stage A Course available in WA. I cannot articulate the full extent to which I enjoyed it. I can say without reservation that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Thanks to your expertise on the course, I continue to learn more about myself each day - as a diver and in general.

Thanks for a fantastic course.

You've given me the knowledge to progress safely and confidently. I've told all my friends I won't freedive with them until they have completed Stage A with Apnea Australia including my wife. A big change from someone who has spent the last 10 years diving mostly alone.The physiology is fascinating and is a huge assistance to staying relaxed.

About Us

About Apnea Australia If you feel at ease IN the water, around water, on the water and UNDER water, if you can instantly fully relax in the water and let the water carry you. You are a Freediver!

Our Philosophy

Freediving for us is about enjoyment, relaxation and acceptance of all marine life. It's a place where you can feel oneness with the ocean and with yourself. Freediving is a healthy lifestyle that everyone can embrace.

Our evolution

Apnea Australia is Australia's leading Freediving school, devoted to the safe practice of breath-hold diving in its various forms. Apnea Australia was established by Erez Beatus - former world record holder for the CNF discipline. Apnea Australia is the fastest growing school in Australia and has the largest amount of certifications around the country. It also has the most professional instructors due to the high standards it maintains.

Apnea International

  • Created by Freedivers for Freedivers.
  • Focuses on progressive education.
  • Emphasis on self development and enjoyment
  • Cutting edge education system - constantly evolving
We certify under the strict standards of Apnea International